All Dialogue Links programmes are tailor-made to meet the particular needs and objectives of you and your team.

These examples below will give you an idea of some of the work I do in organisations like yours.

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Organisational Culture

  • Effective Teams: creating cultures that work
  • Sustainable culture change: stability and resilience in VUCA environments
  • Our Team at its Best: working to our strengths
  • The Language of Culture
  • Take Care: caring for yourself and caring for others

Working Globally

  • Delivering Presentations to an International Audience
  • Cultural Intelligence for Successful International Teams
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures / Développement des Compétences Interculturelles
  • Doing Business in France: building strong partnerships and alliances
  • International English for Global Working
  • Cross-Cultural Team Working and Virtual Communications
  • Moving to the UK: making the most of your new life and career
  • Living and Working in France

Recent programmes include:

Interpersonal Communications at work

  • Difficult Conversations at Work
  • Effective Communication in Teams
  • Enhance your Interpersonal Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Top Quality Feedback
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: soft skills not so soft after all!
  • Writing, Proofing and Editing for the Professional 
  • Speaking with Confidence: an introduction to assertive communication 


  • Language, Culture and Diversity
  • Culture and Communication Inside-Out
  • Communicating for Diversity
  • Culture, Diversity and MBTI ‘type’


NHS programmes

  • Changing Culture in the Modern NHS
  • Embedding the Values of the NHS
  • Communication for Cultural Diversity
  • Our Team at its Best

Programmes for Educators

  • Difficult Conversations with your GP Trainee
  • Valuing the Difference in the Multicultural NHS
  • Closing the Gap: Realising Potential – a programme for educators working with IMG doctors

Induction Programmes for IMG doctors:

  • Culture and Communication in the Red Phone Zone (for IMG doctors working in Emergency Medicine)
  • Working Together in Obs & Gynae
  • Culture and Communication: Culture Shift and Fit


  • The Language of leadership: finding your own voice – a 9-module programme for doctors in training ST1-CCT+2
  • Taking the Lead – a 4-module programme for SAS doctors
  • Developing your Leadership Potential: connecting across cultures – a programme for International Medical Graduates coming to work in the UK
  • Leading from the Inside-Out: your Voice in the Team – a programme for doctors, dentists, practice nurses in the military

This is not a comprehensive list. If you would like to talk through your CPD needs and objectives for your team or organisation, call or email me for a conversation.