Welcome to Taking the Lead – a programme for SAS doctors

Welcome to Taking the Lead – a practical and interactive personal and professional development programme including case studies, group activities and peer coaching practice. During the course of the programme you’ll be extending your professional network, meeting colleagues from across the NHS, working together, sharing your experiences and your expertise, and having rich conversations.


We will be looking at the role of the leader as communicator and thinking about how the leader’s language and communication style shapes team culture and impacts on team performance. You’ll be adding to your interpersonal skills toolkit to further enhance your professional life and work relationships. You’ll also be thinking about how you can open up opportunities for making the most of your strengths, qualities and skills to maximise your personal and professional potential.

This programme offers you the time and space to connect with colleagues – and with yourself. It’s an opportunity to think about how you would like to establish your voice and your professional identity as a leader, so that you can communicate effectively with personal authority, authenticity and impact. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you choose to be a leader, both professionally and as leader your own life.

This programme will also be of interest to doctors applying for Specialist Registration via a CESR (including Common / Management Competencies – Domain 3 Communication, Partnership and Teamwork and Domain 4 Maintaining Trust).