Since 1999 Anneliese
Guérin-LeTendre has been 

working with businesses ranging from SMEs to global organisationsdelivering high-level business communication skills training, team facilitation and one-to-one specialist skills coaching, as well as Train-the-Trainer events focussing on all aspects of business communications.

The main focus of her work

is accompanying senior leaders and teams as they resolve complex operational and strategic challenges at the interface of communications and professional, organisational or national culture. Perhaps as a result of a merger or an acquisition, or in response to a changing business environment, communication pressure points may have come to the surface, derailing projects or inhibiting opportunity.

Working in close collaborative partnership Anneliese helps her clients to review communications processes and identify sources of interference inhibiting clear communications or undermining relationships.

Examples include:

  • response to organisational change – a review of internal communications processes and the development of new processes and procedures better adapted to meet new organisational objectives
  • a global financial services company – a review of communications processes and implementation of new guidelines for enhanced teamwork and efficiency


Reviewing communications processes and working through cultural dissonance takes time, but teams soon discover that the benefits in terms of building trust and establishing long-term relationships make a very worthwhile return on investment.

The communications objectives might also include preparing senior staff for high-level meetings – with their European/global counterparts – or the development of a Cross-Cultural Communications Charter.

By identifying the differences and synergies between cultures and engaging in open and respectful dialogue, cultural intelligence becomes a force multiplier for leaders and their teams whether working abroad, in multicultural teams, or with clients and partners from different cultures.  A heightened awareness of how communications processes are working – or not working – within the organisation, combined with insights offered by cultural intelligence, enables global teams to work more effectively, adapt readily to new contexts and engage with change with agility and confidence.

  • What are your current team or organisational challenges?
  • What beliefs, assumptions or behaviours may be inhibiting opportunity or preventing you and your team from achieving your highest aspirations?
  • How might your internal communications processes be even better adapted to meet the demands of your new organisational objectives?


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Examples of programmes delivered:

  • Delivering Presentations to International Audiences
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures/Développement des Compétences Interculturelles
  • Doing Business in France: building strong partnerships and alliances
  • International English for Global Working
  • Cross-Cultural Team Working and Virtual Communications
  • International assignment: making the most of your new life and career