Closing the Gap


A one-day intensive programme for Educators
working with International Medical Graduates


– we all want to be ‘seen’ –   appreciated for the people we are and the skills, personal qualities, and strengths we possess; a nurturing and inclusive environment offers everyone opportunities to be the best that they can be. Gaining insider knowledge about how a culture works can save time and stress and provide a short-cut to settling into the new culture. Finding out more about differences in ways of working, handling processes, learning, problem-solving, communication etc. also offers opportunities for making the most of different approaches and perspectives, for the benefit of the whole team.

This interactive programme demonstrates how cultural intelligence (CQ) can provide a neutral language with which to describe cultural difference and offers suggestions for avoiding communications ‘noise’ from unacknowledged culturaldifference.

By the end of the programme, you will have gained practical tools and strategies to support your
trainees who have qualified abroad, so that you can help them achieve
success in their career and enable them to make their full contribution to the team. (You may also have discovered some surprises about your own cultural assumptions and perspectives!)


The programme includes:
• Creating a safe space for talking about cultural difference – the ‘contracting’ conversation
• Using a ‘cultural framework’ to understand different cultural perspectives
• Understanding the impact of culture on communication styles
• Addressing the challenges of the British education/ training system – as seen from the
• Recognising and managing ‘culture shock’
• Implementing strategies for early intervention and support