"A joyful life is an individual creation that

cannot be copied from a recipe."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

My coaching approach is grounded in the firm belief that you, the client, are the expert in your life and work. You possess the creativity, intelligence, and resourcefulness you need, but not always the time to think about how you will bring about the changes you want to make.

Time and space for change: 

Coaching gives you that time and a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which to explore your current situation, clarify your objectives discover more about yourself, your strengths and capabilities and make the changes that will enable you to achieve your objectives. As your coach I may act as your ‘accountability partner’, challenging assumptions and behaviours which may be preventing you from achieving your objectives and realising your full potential.

An overwhelmingly positive and useful experience – both career-changing, and life-changing

Dr W., Consultant Surgeon

A Career MOT! This coaching has exceeded my expectations. I am happier in myself and calmer and more measured in my relationships at work.

Dr Sarah Blagden Consultant Oncologist and Group Leader/ Associate Professor, Oxford

I was a bit sceptical about the extent to which coaching would be able to meet my objectives, but I was in for a surprise…For me the whole experience has been very worthwhile – interesting, thought-provoking, focussed, extremely productive – and it’s been fun!

Dr Ruchi Baxi, Consultant, Public Health

A coaching partnership: 

For me, the coaching relationship is ‘co-active’ – a personal and dynamic relationship in which the coach and the client are active collaborators, working together for the purpose of meeting the client’s objectives. My role as your coach is to help you remain focused on your needs, values and aspirations, encourage you to set effective and challenging personal goals, and accompany you in finding ways of achieving those goals.

Moving forward: 

Client coaching objectives are wide-ranging: career change; launching into a new life; reducing stress; achieving a better work-life balance; managing challenging conversations more effectively; confidence building; enhancing relationships within the team; leveraging cultural diversity for team success; managing change, stepping up to a leadership role; communicating the vision at national and international level…but my focus remains the same –

You, your immediate objectives and your long-term aspirations, are the driving force for my work.”