Welcome to the Online Delivery Programmes

These programmes are being delivered virtually using Zoom.

How the online delivery will work

All programmes – except Wellbeing –  will run from 9.30 am to 15.30 pm  and will include a lunch break and 2 x 15-minute breaks. We will also have regular ‘working’ screen breaks.  Wellbeing:  Your Relationship Ecosystem is a half day course, start times vary.

Please note: The programme webinar Modules will not be available for viewing later. As with the face-to-face delivery, access to the programme and certification requires attendance on the day.

To access the programme resources, you will need to log in or register using the Programme Login link at the top right of this page

Before the webinar:

  • If you don’t already have the Zoom software downloaded to your computer, tablet or phone please set up your own free account
  • For a richer learning experience, please make sure you connect via video and computer audio – and only connect to the meeting via your phone if you have no other means
  • This is a full day programme for which you will have booked a training day. In order to be fully present and get the most out of the day, you will need to make sure that you are somewhere quiet at home, where you will can work free from interruptions (do not attempt to do this programme from work!)
  • You will need to have a pen and your learning journal or note paper handy
  • Each programme will include a variety of activities, some of which will be off-line, working individually or with a partner. Please think about the various ways in which you might wish to connect when you are invited to ‘self-organise’ with a partner for these offline activities, e.g.:
  • WhatsApp
  • Googlehangouts
  • FaceTime

On the day

  • Please register at least 10-15 minutes beforehand so that you have time to log on and ‘settle in’ ready for a prompt start at 9.30. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to admit delegates arriving after the start time of 9.30
  • Please note you will be muted in the meeting to ensure the best experience for all; only unmute when invited or when you are in a breakout room

To download the resources you will need for the day, please log in or register using the Programme Login link in the top right of the site.

A PDF copy of the slides will be available after the programme.