“There are no shortcuts to any place

worth going. I haven’t got there yet, but

I’m closer than yesterday”

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A Career MOT!
I arranged coaching with Anneliese after I took on more leadership responsibility at work. Her coaching gave me the opportunity to take time out to how best to fulfil this role. I found Anneliese to be very supportive – she helped me to recognise what I bring, to identify my skills more clearly and to understand more about my own emotions. I appreciated the way she challenged my unhelpful inner critic and offered useful suggestions which enabled me to move forward with my objectives and put together a plan for my future work.

As part of this ‘Career MOT’ I liked the fact that Anneliese pulled examples from literature, history, philosophy, politics and popular culture rather than from leadership textbooks. Not only am I in awe of her mental library but also it made me see my concerns from a broader perspective, as well as encouraging me to re-engage with my creative side, which I found very valuable.

I have noticed that I am happier in myself and calmer and more measured in my relationships at work. I hope this will provide a good example to others and knit my team together more closely. This coaching has exceeded my expectations and I have already recommended Anneliese to three of my colleagues!

Dr Sarah Blagden

Consultant Oncologist and Group Leader/ Associate Professor, Oxford

I have been working with healthcare professionals in the NHS since 2008, coaching across a range of specialties and roles, and running regular inter-professional workshops on diversity, sustainable culture change and a range of communication topics.

All of my work focuses on how individuals and teams can make the best use of their strengths and the exceptional advantages of cultural diversity through enhanced interpersonal communication.

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