The Language of Leadership: Finding Your own Voice

‘The Language of Leadership: Finding your Own Voice’ is a personal and professional development programme designed to help you develop your leadership skills and take full ownership of your leadership role

Each Module offers you time and space to think within a collaborative learning community in which different ideas, perspectives and experiences can be shared

You will have opportunities to

  • Learn more about yourself and gain insights into your relationships with others
  • Network with colleagues from other specialities – for mutual support now, and going forward, as future leaders in the NHS
  • Develop your own personal and authentic leadership style
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills for leadership and management
  • Think about personal life goals and connect with what really matters to you

The Language of Leadership is built around an interactive and coaching-based approach with opportunities for peer coaching within every session, as well as (self-funded) one-to-one coaching on request

The Language of Leadership: Finding your own Voice

A Personalised Leadership Programme

Leadership cannot be downloaded. Learning about leadership and the many aspects of your leadership role is of course important, but leadership cannot be summarised in a checklist.

Being a leader – at work, and in your own life – is a personal development journey: leadership is about who you are as much as what to do.

This programme is your invitation to embark on that personal journey of discovery. You’ll have time and space to think, to observe yourself and the impact you have on others, and you’ll gain useful insights into your relationships.

Reflective practice requires dedicated time and flexibility. The Language of Leadership programme allows you to balance the demands of clinical training with a commitment to your leadership development.

You’ll be given opportunities to reflect on what really matters to you, you’ll gain clarity about what you want your own life purpose to be, identify your most cherished values – and reflect on how they align with your personal and professional life – so that you can be the doctor you want to be and the person you choose to be.

As we work together you will also add to your interpersonal skills toolkit – and learn to integrate these skills into your work and personal life, embedding them by making your communication congruent with the person you are and who you choose to be. You’ll notice what that congruence looks like, sounds like, and feels like for you – and as a leader, you’ll encourage others to do the same.

You’ll be thinking about how to engage positively with change and uncertainty and how to stretch beyond your comfort zone while maintaining sustainable practice. You’ll be learning how you can motivate and inspire others, so that you and your team can solve problems and meet challenges to provide the best quality care to your patients.

Throughout the programme, you’ll be reflecting on and developing your own individual and authentic leadership style; you’ll be taking full ownership of your leadership role; you’ll be finding your own voice.