I originally commissioned this workshop in order to help Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors, Clinical Supervisors and other colleagues who work with IMG doctors to understand the challenges they face when coming to work in the UK.

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Anneliese specifically tailored this workshop to the needs of her audience, drawing on literature that was profession specific as well as from a broad field of references and her vast experience. My aim was to open a window onto the topic and get people thinking and talking to each other about these issues. Delegates cited increased awareness of subtle but important gaps in their knowledge of how cultural differences shape attitudes/expectations of learning. Others commented how easy it can be to ‘discount’ apparently small differences which can have potentially a huge negative impact in the long term. I would recommend this workshop and Anneliese to your colleagues for their teams – in fact we have since asked Anneliese to deliver two further programmes – ‘Changing Culture in the Modern NHS and ‘Difficult Conversations’ to multi-professional groups. These are very well received and have waiting lists.