At a time when I was considering a range of career options, I thought it would be useful to work with a coach. I wanted to take time to explore the various possibilities open to me and think about the next steps I needed to take.

In some ways I was a bit sceptical about the extent to which coaching would be able to meet my objectives but I was in for a surprise – it has been absolutely invaluable. Coaching sessions with Anneliese helped me to move forward on my objectives in a way I couldn’t have imagined and prompted my thinking about my aspirations – both personal and professional.

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Anneliese is highly approachable and open, a clear communicator and an attentive listener. It was obvious every time we met that Anneliese remembered what we had done in previous sessions and there was a sense of purpose and structure which I found really helpful.  At the same time Anneliese was always flexible and responsive to my needs as they changed with time. All in all I would describe working with Anneliese as an invaluable experience. Not only have I come away with a much  clearer idea in my mind about the options I wish to pursue for the next stage in my career, I also have  contingency plans in place to cater for different eventualities, and more resilience to manage the inevitable uncertainties along the way. If you’re at a cross-road in your career I would recommend working with Anneliese. For me the whole experience has been very worthwhile – interesting, thought-provoking, focussed, extremely productive and (something else I didn’t really expect) it’s been fun!