I signed up for coaching as I was new to my role which at the time seemed unwieldy. I hoped to use coaching to find ways to clarify my role and prioritise my work, so that I could be more effective. Whilst there are still many ways for me to improve and develop, I now feel that I am in control of my role, and I know what I need to do.

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These coaching sessions have given me the opportunity to think about my leadership style and about how to make the transition between being in the team, and managing / leading the team. Anneliese helped me to identify and focus on the main issues I wanted to address and made me feel very comfortable and able to express what I was finding challenging; it felt like a safe environment to discuss these issues. I also felt that the discussions we had were based on valid information – I very much trusted Anneliese’s suggestions and ideas. I have been able to think about appropriate and effective communication strategies for various situations, including dealing with conflict, and ways of prioritising so that I make the best use of my time. Anneliese also offered me extra information to read outside the sessions. I was unsure what coaching involved when I signed up and I was apprehensive initially, but this coaching has been very valuable for me. I feel I have made positive steps forwards throughout the 12 months, and also have ideas and strategies on how I can continue to develop in my role going forward. I think that when you move up take on a more senior role, this sort of protected time is essential to developing yourself, gaining personal insights, and maximising your potential. It can sometimes be challenging (Anneliese didn’t let me avoid difficult topics!) but it’s also very supportive – and enjoyable!