Working with Anneliese has had a considerable impact on my work life and relationships. I now have a more heightened awareness of how particular situations may be affecting colleagues – and I feel better equipped to recognise the indicators, and make effective use of communication frameworks to respond in a way that minimises friction and promotes good working relationships. This in turn has helped me to be happier and more productive at work.

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The most useful things that I found while working with Anneliese has been the structured way in which we have talked through and analysed interpersonal interactions. This in turn has helped me recognise how relationships can turn sour and has given me a framework for how to address these interactions so that they proceed positively rather than negatively. These enhanced interpersonal skills also enabled me to step into my consultant role with confidence in a way that felt both very empowering and aligned with my values. Equipped with new skills and an increased awareness of how I can best play to my strengths, I can be effective in my busiest work environment yet and able to manage sometimes challenging situations effectively. I found Anneliese’s coaching style really helpful – she seems to be on exactly the same wave-length which made it easy to express myself and explain understand what I needed. The coaching sessions themselves – focussed conversations interspersed with evidence-based suggestions with additional (optional) reading / viewing material following the session – really helped me to turn around my outlook, better understand myself – and understand other people a little better too! Working with Anneliese was a truly career-defining time and I am enormously grateful for her support through what was a very challenging time in my professional life. This coaching was an overwhelmingly positive and useful experience – both career-changing, and life-changing. Thank you.