When I decided to commission this workshop I was concerned about getting ‘buy-in’ from the trainees. I knew that a workshop run by Anneliese would be good! However, I was not sure that she would be able to hit the spot for all of them, but she did! They gained insights and understandings that will help them integrate further into the department and feel more at home both in and outside work.

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The feedback from this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive – and reading their comments and hearing their feedback has opened my eyes to the massive culture shift they have to deal with when taking up their first hospital post in the UK. This workshop met all my expectations. The participants all clearly gained so much practical help and insight from the day. The open, interactive and engaging way the day was run gave them a safe and accepting environment. They were able to share their experiences, talk about the challenges of working in a foreign culture, and learn from and support each other. The expertise of Anneliese’s facilitation as well as her impressive knowledge and experience of the subject matter were hugely appreciated by the group. I would wholeheartedly recommend this training workshop – and Anneliese – to my colleagues for their teams. I believe this should be part of the induction process for IMGs in all trusts, both from a risk-management perspective, and as a vital support for the individual international doctor arriving in the UK for the first time. Thank you Anneliese – I’m so glad we did this for our trainees, and they are so glad they came!