I decided that coaching would be useful because I wanted to know more about how to manage difficult situations at work. Anneliese immediately made me feel at ease and able to explore new ideas and concepts in a way that was positive and empowering. Working with Anneliese helped me to identify possible reasons for miscommunication and poor communication in teams, and find strategies for building and leading teams through clear and authentic communication which references values.

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As a doctor working in a particularly high-pressured environment, this coaching has given me the space and time to think about my own interpersonal style and how communication works in teams. I have also come to realise the importance of self-care and personal well-being – and of maintaining a positive mental attitude. Everything we have done has been relevant, effective and useful – but a key insight for me was about ‘unconditional positive regard for all human beings’ – this was a life-changing concept for me and a phrase I keep in my mind still. I can’t thank Anneliese enough. I use what I have gained from this coaching every day – at work and out of work. I now feel that I am a better team player and a more effective leader – I also feel happier at work in general.