I wish I had had Anneliese’s input years ago!! I came to coaching because I wanted to be better organised and feel in control of my various tasks/work demands; my job entails many tasks, for many ‘masters’, and balancing them was not something I found easy.

Coaching with Anneliese felt incredibly collaborative – like a supportive partnership. She helped me to identify what the barriers were to me taking control of my task lists and challenge those barriers, along with focusing on what benefits there would be to me doing so. This had an enormous effect on my ability to manage my complex and demanding workload. Anneliese has helped me to develop a task management system that has greatly improved not only the number of tasks I complete but, more importantly, how calm and ‘in control’ of my workload I feel.

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While we were working together, I completed my higher specialist training in Occupational Medicine on time and progressed to my first Consultant post. Since commencing work as a Consultant, I believe that the work I did with Anneliese has had an enormously positive effect on my ability to balance the demands of clinical work, with the strategic and managerial aspects of running a department.

This coaching far exceeded my expectations – it has COMPLETELY changed how I view myself. People talk of having a ‘light bulb’ moment of self-awareness; I feel like I have blown-up the power station! I would UNRESERVEDLY recommend working with Anneliese to friends and colleagues alike. It has made a huge difference to my ability to plan, prioritise and complete tasks. I also feel a great deal happier as a person and “comfortable in my own skin”. The knock-on positive effects evident in my personal life is a bonus I didn’t anticipate.

The coaching sessions I had were paid for by my employer. However, knowing what I know now about how valuable Anneliese’s coaching skills are, and how much they have added to both my professional and personal life, I would happily have paid for it myself, twice over.