Barbara Skinner, NHS Business Manager

Having had “doubts” about coaching in the past, I am now convinced of its value

I have regained my self-confidence, have a greater awareness of my leadership qualities and strengths, and developed a better understanding of how to manage potentially challenging professional relationships…Objectives well and truly met – and exceeded!

Dr Jane Lloyd, Consultant, Occupational Medicine Surg Cdr, Royal Navy

This coaching far exceeded my expectations – it has COMPLETELY changed how I view myself. It has made a huge difference to my ability to plan, prioritise and complete tasks. I also feel a great deal happier as a person and “comfortable in my own skin”. The knock-on positive effects evident in my personal life is a bonus I didn’t anticipate.

Dr M.N., Oxford

I use what I have gained from this coaching every day – at work and out of work. I now feel that I am a better team player and a more effective leader – I also feel happier at work in general.

Hannah Perkin Trauma Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

I now feel I’m in control of my life…when you move up take on a more senior role, this sort of protected time is essential to developing yourself, gaining personal insights, and maximising your potential. It can sometimes be challenging (Anneliese didn’t let me avoid difficult topics!) but it’s also very supportive – and enjoyable!